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Where will-o'-the-wisps and glow-worms shine... 7x5 ins; £300

Art Courses

At his Shropshire home, near Ellesmere, Leo runs Art Days. These are aimed at students of all levels on a one-to-one or one-to-two basis.
Each session is tailored to meet the needs of the individual student and
all areas can be explored: drawing, painting, watercolour, oils, acrylics etc.

Charges are £30 (£25 if two students) per hour or 10 hourly sessions £250 (£200 if two students)

For further information and terms, please contact Leo via the 'Contact Us' page.


Precision Drawing Course:

'Many thanks for a fabulous workshop. I really enjoyed it and while I cannot say that drawing is my new passion, I am at least slightly keener than I was. I know I really need the skills. It is a great exercise for improving hand-eye coordination. I must keep working at it.' Clive Wilson.

Chinese Painting:

'Leo Donaghy teaches with knowledge, skill and patience, a sense of humour, is realistic and caring. He is remarkably capable and demonstrates the sensitivity and connection with nature and objects that the Chinese love.' Margo Jolly

'As ever, I thoroughly enjoyed your course. You always put so much into it, all working solidly from beginning to end but great fun too.' Janet Falcon.

Spring 2019 Courses at the Willow Gallery:

Vibrant Oil Colour Painting with Leo Donaghy
2 Thursday Sessions, 18th & 25th April,
10am – 4pm
Price £90 for two full days
On the theme of Peter Doigs paintings, the course aims to emulate his work using our own ideas - that is sketches, photos, things or places that speak to us in some way.
Working from our records and memory bank, and with the inspiration of another we can build up a new type of painting. Hopefully, something that takes us out of our comfort zone and inspires us for the future.

Equipment List
Oil paints either water or oil based.
A selection of brushes
Rags and tissues
A palette of sorts for mixing
A couple of canvases ( sizes that suit you or perhaps a size that will push the boundaries a little)
*** low odour spirit***
Zest it or Gamblin. Turps and household spirits are not suitable because of the closed space.

Chinese Painting : Decorative Fowl with Leo Donaghy

2 Wednesday Sessions, 17th & 24th April,
10am – 4pm
The course cost is £90 for two full days
A look at the loose flowing plumage and colourful feathers of these birds
is the theme of the two day course.
Recent sale of the painting below fetched 1.5 million at auction.
This is from the Song Dynasty 960 – 1127 and is one of the pieses to be looked at on the course.

All supplies are available from Sidewinder Studios found on line. If you do not have internet access please let me know and I can order for you.

Courses at the Willow Gallery should be booked directly with the Gallery.
Telephone: 01691 657 575

There is a direct link to the Gallery's Website on the LINKS page.


Courses at the Willow Gallery must now be paid for in full at the time of booking.
If you have to cancel, refunds will be given if your place can be filled.

WESTHOPE COLLEGE - near Craven Arms:

For courses taught by Leo please see the College's Website or contact them
directly on: 01584 861 293 Email:
There is a direct link to the Gallery's Website on the LINKS page.